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Providing superior commercial and industrial construction services in the Central Savannah River Area since 1947.

Commercial and industrial construction services.

Providing construction services and solutions for many project types and market sectors.


We believe that the pre-construction and planning process that occurs before the first
shovel is put in the ground is as vital to the ultimate success of a project as any other aspect of our project management program. We are absolutely committed to providing a complete range of pre-construction services for our clients. We are proud of the experienced professionals we have on staff that are specifically trained in this skill an are prepared to provide our clients with the most comprehensive and reliable pre-construction services in our market.

Pre-Construction services:
  • Feasibility and Constructability Analysis
  • Design Milestone Budgets
  • Detailed Cost Surveys
  • Detailed Project Scheduling
  • Document Reviews
  • Needs Assessment
  • Bid Solicitation & Management
  • Value Engineering
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis

Project planning

The planning that occurs before the commencement of construction is the cornerstone of successful building project. We use a team approach to engage the Owner,
Architects, Engineers, Lenders, Government Agencies, and others to collaborate and communicate efficiently and effectively so that we can be certain that the objectives of all stakeholders are given due consideration and attention as the project is being defined. Effective communication among the many interested parties enables the entire team to make informed decisions about design priorities, costs, and scheduling considerations. This planning process will greatly reduce the likelihood of unexpected changes and delays that may be costly once construction activities have begun. By encouraging the team approach and involving all stakeholders, we can draw out the creativity and talents of those professionals engaged in the project to produce a final work that maximizes the Owner’s goals for performance and return on his investment.

Project Planning services:
  • Needs Assessment
  • Space Planning
  • Efficiency Analysis
  • Concept Estimating & Budgeting
  • Critical Path Scheduling, Logistics & Sequencing
  • Detailed Drawing & Specifications Review
  • Means & Methods Analysis
  • Material and Equipment Selection
  • Subcontractor Prequalification
  • Site Selection Support & Analysis


KCA has been successfully delivering project using the Design-Build method since our founding in 1951. The most common delivery method in our industry is known as the Design-Bid-Build approach. This method requires the Owner to engage in two separate agreements: one for the designer and another for the builder. This is a linear and lengthy approach that requires the designers to fully complete their construction documents and then solicit competing contractors for bidding to eventually select a builder for the project. As opposed to this traditional method of project delivery, the Design-Build System combines the team for design and construction into a single entity and a single agreement. We engage the architects and engineers on the Owner’s behalf and this collaboration creates an effective means for ensuring the cost and scheduling goals of the client are implemented into the final project design. The design team and the contractor work together from the beginning to define and deliver the goals defined by the Owner. From the start, both the architects and builders work hand in hand in developing ideas and creating options and efficiencies for the Owner’s benefit. From the preliminary design and through construction to final completion, the design-build method grants both parties the chance to see the dream develop from the ground up. With a single building team working towards one goal, completing the many tasks required to successfully complete a project becomes easier to manage and achieve.

Design-Build services:
  • Single-Source Accountability
  • Reduced Cost and Quicker Development Schedules
  • Enhanced Project Coordination
  • Creative Collaboration
  • Guaranteed Lump Sum Pricing
  • Improved Completion Schedules

Construction services

Throughout the construction phase of your project, Kuhlke Construction & Associates, Inc. (KCA) will provide a comprehensive and strategic approach to project management and administration. Our team of experienced professionals will demand the highest standard of excellence from all vendors, subcontractors and individuals involved in your project. Our procedures and philosophies have been developed and perfected over our 70-year history in the construction industry. These concepts are time tested and are widely praised within our industry. Additionally, we have maintained our commitment to improving our abilities and expanding our resources by investing in training and technology to ensure that those charged with the management and supervision of your project have the skills, tools and resources necessary to efficiently and precisely retain positive control of all aspects of your project. The precision and efficiency we demand from our people and our partners translate to the bottom line such that almost no dollar is wasted or working day lost in this highly complex endeavor. Below are some of the highlights of the services and strategies utilized to ensure your project is managed and executed in the most efficient and economical method possible:

Construction services:
  • Procurement Management
  • Purchasing / Buyout Administration
  • Project Administration & Supervision
  • Cost Control & Financial Analysis
  • Safety Implementation
  • Quality Control
  • Project Close-Out

Industrial services

Kuhlke Construction & Associates, Inc. has an “in house” industrial service division of which we are very proud. Our team of welders, mechanics, and laborers have the special talents that are required to perform safely in an industrial setting. Our capabilities include many types of welding services, steel fabrication, piping, equipment maintenance, and start-up and shut-down support. Our project managers and superintendents have years of experience in manufacturing and production facilities and truly understand the nature of these environments.

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